CMAOA members receive services including:

-Educational opportunities

-Legislative representation

-Rental forms

-Programs designed to expand public knowledge and awareness

-Meetings & seminars

-Annual meeting with vendor displays and door prizes

-Deep discounts on heating fuel, building supplies, paint, accounting services, extermination services and much more from 30+ Preferred Vendors



- cmaoa By-laws

education and experience

We want to make sure that every landlord has the best chance to succeed- we will provide the education and tools to make that possible. 


We know that when we come together as a group, we can achieve common goals. We have had great success in the legislature, especially with our Beg Bugs and Radon Bills.


We strive to educate and reach out to landlords and the legislature in Central Maine in order to provide our communities with safe and affordable housing. 

"To act as an association for the purposes of taking an active role regarding issues facing the apartments owners and managers of the Central Maine area. Including informing and advocating for CMAOA Members, and educating the general public regarding the interests of rental property owners and managers."