The MHRC (Maine Human Rights Commission) knows how difficult it is to understand and explain the differences and rules relating to service and assistance animals.  They have addressed this issue by producing a video that gives you the basics answers on the topic.  We think it’s pretty good. 

When viewing this video, please note that the beginning of the presentation is about how businesses should deal with customers or patrons with these types of pets.  However, the second part is all about guidelines for landlords.  This is well worth viewing.  You can see it on their website at, or on Youtube at (,

Forms for aLL Member Landlords

Whether you own 1 or 100 units, we have many useful forms available for our members. Please look through the collection below and fill out the form to request copies of the forms from our office. If you don't see what you're looking for, let us know! We are always adding to our database and will do our best to find you the appropriate form. 

Co-signer Agreement, Energy Efficiency Disclosure, Federal Lead Pain Disclosure, Fire Safety Tips, Lead Renovation Notice, Lease, Lease Renewal, Maine Lead Paint Disclosure, Military Addendum, Moving In/Out Checklist, Notice of Intention to Enter, Notice of Intent to Vacate, Pet Agreement, Prior to Moving Out Letter, Receipt for Back Rent, Reference Questionnaire, Release for Tenant Information, Release Tenant History for Section 8, Rental Application, Rental Criteria and more. If you do not see the form you need listed above, please indicate what you need in the message section below and we will respond ASAP.

How and where to list your available units:

Most tenants look for vacant units online. There are several different places to post your unit that will help tenants find them. Please see the links below.
This site was originally founded by Maine Housing and the Department of Health and Human Services.
This site is great for both sales and rentals. The information that you enter will reach multiple sites such as Zillow, Rentmatch, Yahoo and many more!
This site has many listings for available Maine apartments, especially in Central Maine.

Please let us know how these sites work for you or if you have other sites that you'd recommend to other landlords. Any and all input is appreciated!

Housing inspection help

Dealing with housing inspections can be daunting for even the most experienced landlord but they must be addressed for units with tenants who receive subsidized rental assistance. Being prepared can help inspections run smoothly and eliminate any surprises for the landlord. Although different inspectors may interpret standards differently, it is the responsibility of the landlord to maintain all standards- in worst case scenarios subsidies must be refunded when units fail due to an issue that may have simply been overlooked. Arm yourself by inspecting your units with the same standards that housing inspectors use-